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Mau pasang iklan di sini ??? Hub 082245197681

Mau pasang iklan di sini ??? Hub 082245197681
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PT TIKI was formerly known as CV TITIPAN KILAT. It was established on 1st September 1970 with Soeprapto and Mrs. Nuraini Soeprapto as the founder and shareholder. By 1972, TIKI’s business activity had reached the cities of Pangkal Pinang (Sumatra), Semarang (Central Java) and Surabaya (East Java) with numbers of fleets and personnel.

In 1972, the company went through management restructuring by co-operating with (the late) Irawan Saputra, Gideon Wiraseputra, and Raphael Rusmadi, who then became another shareholders. Together with the development of the country’s economy.

TIKI became stronger and gradually set up new branches in the provinces. In just one and a half year, TIKI could serve all places throughout the nation.

To guarantee the best service, Today, TIKI has more than 800 service points able to reach various destinations in the country and abroad. With the support of thousands of well trained personnel and its fleet of transportation spread throughout the archipelago, TIKI is a leader in air express industry in Indonesia.

TIKI’s activities has increased significantly and has formed new branches in the provinces.

Executive Summary

” We create added values in the courier, freight forwarding and logistics business worldwide through efficiency and strong networking. Therefore we can compete with others to deliver the best services to our customers

With aim to bring more efficient and competitive service in the courier and freight forwarding industry, both domestically in Indonesia and worldwide, PT. TIKI Indonesia (TIKINDO Logistics) member of TIKI Group had been established in March 2001. Our vision is to become an excellent and key player in the transportation, distribution and freight forwarding business in the Asian region.

We are aware of the ever increasing global trade and also the increasing demand for high possible standard of services in the transportation and logistics industry. Therefore PT. TIKI Indonesia (TIKINDO Logistics) offers more than just cargo and distribution services. We provide solutions to many aspects of total logistics. And this becomes our aim to enable us to become a competitive and excellent player in the industry.

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